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Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

On the morning of Wednesday, December 13 at the USCGC HALIBUT's Marina del Rey Small Boat Harbor Coast Guard Station, crewman MK2 Justin R. Jenkins was selected by his  Command to receive the coveted Sailor of the Second Half (July-December 2017) Award for the outstanding performance of his duties. Following his official awarding by the Commanding Officer, LTjg Matt Epperly, Ron Dutton, president emeritus of and on behalf of the Beverly Hills Navy League Council, sponsor of the USCGC HALIBUT, presented Petty Officer Jenkins with a Navy League Certificate and a dinner for two gift card.


Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

On Wednesday morning, December 28, at USCG Station Marina del Rey the Commanding Officer of the USCG HALIBUT, LT Matt Hurtt called his crew to attention and then proceeded to present his Command's top honor, Sailor of the (2nd) Half Award 2016 to crewman BM1 Michael Meadows for the outstanding performance of his duties. Complimenting the Command's Award was the Beverly Hills Council's NLUS Certificate of Commendation. Representing the Council was Ron Dutton, president emeritus, seen with BM1 Meadows. The Beverly Hills Council has been the HALIBUT's (and its predecessor...the PT BRIDGE) sponsor for over 40 years. 

POSTED: 20 JULY, 2016

Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

On Thursday morning, July 7, at the Coast Guard's Station in Marina del Rey, the Command of the USCG HALIBUT awarded its bi-annual Sailor of the Half Award - a recognition of a crewman's outstanding performance of his/her duties - to SN Joseph Crawford, USCG. Complimenting the Command's Award the Beverly Hills Navy League Council, sponsor of the HALIBUT, gave SN Crawford a NLUS Certificate, plus a Gift Card. Making this presentation on behalf of the Council was Ron Dutton, BHC's president emeritus (center), SN Crawford (left) and HALIBUT'S commanding officer, LT. Matt Hurtt (right).

Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

At the HALIBUT's Sailor of the Half Awards ceremony on July 7, a subsequent special Award was made to LT Matt Hurtt, SN Joseph Crawford, and MK3 Chiara Russon, by the Coast Guard's District (Sector) Command. Each was presented with the Coast Guard's Achievement Medal by the Sector Deputy Commander for their actions which saved the lives of two people who were involved in a highway collision.  LT Hurtt and the two crewmen, while driving back to Los Angeles from a training exercise at Port Huemene saw two cars on the side of the highway.  Hurtt immediately maneuvered his car to the site of the accident and all three rendered aid and directed traffic until the local first responders could get there. Holding their Citations in the photo are LT Hurtt (right), SN Crawford (center) and MK3 Chiara Russon (left).

POSTED: 7 JUNE, 2016

May 20, 2016 witnessed the formal decommissioning of the Coast Guard's Air Station Los Angles due to the expansion plans of LAX airport. As a follow up, the Coast Guard Command held their last Awards Ceremony for those crewmen selected for the Outstanding Performance of their duties on June 3, 2016. Their two highest Awards, named after honored past crewmen - LT Robert A. Perchard, USCG, and YN1 Edna Renee Russell, USCG. Below are the photos of the recipients:

Photos and Video by: Chris McEntee

AMT2 Andrew Heidt, USCG being presented with the LT. Robert A. Perchard Award by the CG Air Station's commanding officer, CDR Tom Cooper, USCG, (left) and Ron Dutton, president emeritus, Beverly Hills Council of the Navy League, (right) the Station's sponsor.

YN2 Ricky Wilson, USCG being presented with the YN1 Edna Renee Russell Award by the CG Air Station's commanding officer CDR Tom Cooper, USCG, (left), and Ron Dutton, president emeritus, Beverly Hills Council of the Navy League, the Station's sponsor.

Group shot of what may be the last such photo of the officers and crew of Coast Guard Air Station Los Angeles. Station Commanding Officer CDR Tom Cooper on the far left and President Emeritus Ron Dutton of the Beverly Hills Council of the Navy League on the far right. Click here to see the Decommissioning Ceremony of May 20, 2016.

POSTED: 30 MAY, 2016

Representing the Beverly Hills Council, Shalini Magana-Dogra, presented the Sword, generously donated by her and her husband, Council president Rafael Magana, to graduating MIDN 1/C Ryan Rodriguez at the UCLA NROTC's Annual Midshipman's Ball on Friday, May 3, The Ball was held on the UCLA campus. 

Photograph Courtesy of:
LT Brian Brustuen

Assistant Adjunct Professor | Aviation Officer
University of California, Los Angeles


On Saturday evening, December 12, before getting underway to lead the Marina Del Rey Small Boat Harbor's annual Christmas Boat Parade, the members of the crew and invited guests assembled on the bow of the USCGC HALIBUT before the 87 foot cutter got underway to witness the presentation of the HALIBUT's Sailor of the Second Half Award. This Award is given twice a year by the cutter's command to give recognition to a crew member for the outstanding performance of his/her duties.

The recipient of the Sailor of the Second Half Award this year was FS2 Tyler J. Henninger.  Making the presentation was the HALIBUT's new commanding officer, LTJG  J. Matthew Hurtt, USCG. After reading Henninger's Letter of Commendation, LTJG Hurtt introduced Ron Dutton, President Emeritus of the Beverly Hills Council of the Navy League, sponsor of the HALIBUT, who, on behalf of the Council's President and Directors presented Petty Officer Henninger with a NLUS Certificate, plus a gift certificate to the renown Italian Restaurant, C&O Cucina, Marina Del Rey, CA.

The Award ceremony adjourned with the call for the HALIBUT to get underway and head into the Marina Small Boat Harbor and lead the annual parade of beautifully decorated yachts.

Photographs Courtesy of R.J. Pages, USCG


The S. S. Lane Victory Division will be honored to have RADM Daniel H. Stone join our Sea Cadets aboard the S.S. Lane Victory, located at Berth 49 in San Pedro, to talk with the cadets and officers about his career in the US. NAVY and where he sees the US Navy going in the future.  Additionally RADM Stone is interested in finding out more about the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps.  RADM Stone will be coming aboard at 1030 hrs on 24th of October.  It will be the first time that the S.S. Lane Victory has hosted an Admiral, and is proud to fly his flag while he is aboard.  RADM Stone’s Bio from the web site shows:


Standing before the pilots and crewmen of Coast Guard Air Station LAX, on Wednesday morning, August 19, the Station's Commanding Officer, CAPT Tom Cooper, USCG, read off the names of the two crewmen selected to receive official recognition for the outstanding performance of their duties for the First and Second Quarters of 2015. The first award, the LT Edna Renee Russell Award went to SK1 Michael Owens. The second award, the LT. Robert Perchard Award was AMT1 Jeff Jundquist. Joining in the presentations was Ron Dutton, president emeritus of the Beverly Hills Navy League Council, as he, on behalf of the Council, gave each recipient a BHCNLUS Certificate, plus a dinner for two at the renown restaurant, Truxton's American Bistro in Westchester.

Photo Courtesy Coast Guard Air Station LAX

SK1 Michael Owens

Photo Courtesy Coast Guard Air Station LAX

AMT1 Jeff Jundquist

POSTED: 12 JUNE, 2015

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POSTED: 26 MAY, 2015

Photo by James Hinton

Presenting the sword to Midshipman 1st Class Anthony Blasko was BHC's Vice President and sword donor, Gwen Hinton at UCLA NROTC's Annual Midship's Spring Ball on Friday, May 1, 2015 at UCLA. Midshipman Blasko, a graduating Senior, is a US Marine Corps option and will now be reporting to TBS (The Basic School) in Quantico, Va. for his next assignment.

POSTED: 17 MARCH, 2015

Your Spring 2015 Navy Leaguer is here!

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Photo by Michael Poles Photography

Raphael Magaña takes the gavel from Sherre Lovick and the "Helm" of the Beverly Hills Council, after being sworn in as our new President. 

“I’m just proud to be a member involved in the Navy League of the United States, and the Beverly Hills Council,” said Magaña. “It’s been a rewarding journey for me and I’m pleased to have this opportunity to continue the great work of this organization.”

“The Navy League strengthens our local communities across the country, thanks to leaders like Sherre Lovick and Raphael Magaña who understand the issues challenging our nation and how the Beverly Hills Council can help address them,” said Ron Dutton, President Emeritus of the Council. “Raphael brings deep and varied experience and a strong record of accomplishment on behalf of communities to this position—one he has been building toward his entire career. He is an exceptional, driven leader who is committed to the direction and growth of the organization.”

“I am excited to be part of this great organization and collaborate with other community leaders to build on our collective impact,” Mr. Magaña said. “I have dedicated a part of my career to our great organization for over a decade because the Navy League has an unmatched capacity to enrich individual lives and the common good. I am honored for the opportunity to lead the organization and build on everything we achieved as an organization during Ron and Sherre's tenure.”

Mr. Magaña, will be the 26th president to lead organization, and he is the first Hispanic. A native of California, Mr. Magaña earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California Los Angeles.




During the Awards Ceremony, on Wednesday, 18 February, at Coast Guard Air Station LAX, SK1 Michael Owens, U.S. Coast Guard, received the Station's prestigious LT Edna Rene Russell Award for his outstanding performance of his duties. Presenting the Award was Ron Dutton, past president of the Beverly Hills Navy League Council, Sponsor of the Air Station.

The Award included a Letter of Commendation from the Station's Command, a Certificate from the Navy League, plus a "Dinner for two," compliments of Ye Olde King's Head restaurant in Santa Monica.

Photo Courtesy Coast Guard Air Station LAX


Receiving the U.S. COAST GUARD CUTTER HALIBUT's Sailor of the Second Half 2014 Award, held at the Coast Guard's Station in Marina del Rey Small Boat Harbor on 2 February 2015, was MK3 Drew Allen, USCG (center).  Presenting the Award was Ron Dutton, past president of the Beverly Hills Navy League Council, Sponsor of the HALIBUT. The Award included a Letter of Commendation from the Cutter's Command, presented by the Cutter's commanding officer, LT Ryan Fox, (left) and, a Certificate from the Navy League, plus a “Dinner for Two" compliments of Duke’s of Malibu."



America’s Maritime Industry - The foundation of American sea power. 

Maritime Americans
"From amidst the smoke, flames, and debris from the collapsed World Trade Center towers, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and persons from neighboring boroughs and states made their way toward Battery Park at the southern end of Manhattan to try to escape the chaos that reigned about them. The bridges and tunnels were closed, the subways shut down. Manhattan was once again an island as it had been over a hundred years earlier, and they were trapped on that island. The only escape was by water." 
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At 0800 sharp the assembled pilots and crewmen of the Coast Guard's Air Station Los Angeles snapped to attention as their Commanding Officer, CDR Chris Conley, entered the Wardroom. The occasion that November 12th morning was the presentation of Awards. Among the awards to be presented were the biannual LT. Edna Renee Russell and LT. Robert A. Perchard Awards. Both are awarded to members of the crew for Excellence in the Performance of their Duties.

The Perchard and Russell Awards have been presented by the Beverly Hills Council of the Navy League which has been the Air Station's Sponsor for close to 40 years.

Receiving the LT Robert A. Russell Award and LT Edna Renee Russell Awards were AST2 John Niel, and AET1 Steve Leighty respectively. Making the presentations on behalf of BHC's President, Sherre Lovick and its Board of Directors was Ron Dutton, President Emeritus.

AST2 John Niel
Photo Courtesy Coast Guard Air Station LAX

AET1 Steve Leighty
Photo Courtesy Coast Guard Air Station LAX



Ronald S. Dutton, LCDR, NSCC

President Emeritus
Beverly Hills Council of the Navy League. 


Hello Everyone.

Amidst the continuous flow of headlines and articles about our a troubled youth, I thought you'd like to see some good news ... and what has become of the some of the 1000 or more young men and women (teenagers) who, over the years, were introduced to the structure, high standards, and positive discipline they received while members of the Beverly Hills Council's sponsored Sea Cadet unit ... the SS Lane Victory Division.

Earlier this month of August saw former Hubbard (now SS Lane Victory Division) Sea cadet CAPTAIN Michael Sparks, USN, assume Command of the U.S. Navy's newly organized Coastal Riverine Group TWO. (Pacific Theatre). Earlier in his Naval career, Mike's first command was the minesweeper, USS DEXTROUS, MCM-2, and later assumed command of the destroyer, USS MOMSEN, DDG 92.  His other tours of duty included being NROTC Instructor at the Citadel Military Academy (VMI's chief competitor), and serving at the Pentagon.

The Riverines are a result of the Navy's recent consolidation of small craft/swift boats, etc. commands into two Groups.  While in our Sea Cadet division, Mike worked his way through the ranks, became the Captain of the Unit's Award winning Color / Honor Guard, and in his last year was selected to be the Unit's Honor Cadet of the Year.

CAPTAIN Chuck Wolf, USN - former (Hubbard) SS Lane Victory Division Midshipman became the first Commanding Officer of the U.S. Navy's newly created SEAL Team 10 when it was formed several years ago.

While with our Sea Cadet division, Chuck became involved with the Naval Sea Cadets' SEAL Team program, which was administered by me at the time. Chuck not only helped me administer, but fully participated with the cadets in this brilliant and highly rigorous two week program, held at the Seal Team base in Coronado where the cadets were instructed by Team members. He then went on to graduate from the NROTC program at UCLA and joined the SEAL Teams.  I would like to point out that the Navy's SEAL Teams accept very few officers each year... the teams consisting mostly of enlisted personnel.

LCDR Darren Morton, USN, former (Hubbard) SS Lane Victory cadet, became a Navy helicopter pilot until he was appointed to the Chief of Naval Operations Staff for Communications, Darren went on to became the Commanding Officer of the Navy's Office of Information here on the West Coast.

Darren, while in our Sea Cadet division worked, his way through the ranks, became the Unit's Leading Petty Officer, and, before graduating at the age of 18, was chosen to be the Unit's Honor Cadet of the Year. He then went on to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, followed by attending the Navy's Flight School in Pensacola, Florida.

COMMANDER Freddy Rodriguez, MC (FMF) USPHS, former member of the (Hubbard) SS Lane Victory Division, worked his way through the cadet ranks, became the Unit's Honor Cadet of the Year, and then went on to Medical School at UCLA. He is now an officer and surgeon in the US Public Health Service and is stationed with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Freddy has also returned to his old Sea Cadet Unit where he is currently its Commanding Officer. While Freddy was in our Sea Cadet unit, he spent many weekends training aboard the Coast Guard cutter (the USCGC Pt. Bridge) stationed in the Marina Del Rey (also sponsored by the Beverly Hills Council).  He did so well with his training there that the Cutter's Commanding Officer officially certified him to stand watches when aboard. This became a reality for him when he was aboard the Cutter on the weekend when the Alaska Airline plane crashed just off shore from Port Hueneme. Working side by side, he and the crew performed much of the rescue operation, earning Freddy (and the Cutter's crew) a special Commendation Ribbon from the U.S. Coast Guard.

MIDSHIPMAN Robert Booker, USMM, graduated from the SS Lane Victory (Hubbard) Division last year and was accepted and is now attending the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, where he will, upon graduation, become an Ensign in the Merchant Marine.

These former cadets are only a small sampling of why the Beverly Hills Navy League Council not only founded this Sea Cadet Division (1962), but continues to sponsor and support it.

We, of the Council are intensely proud that this Unit, now known as the SS Lane Victory Division, which has consistently seen, during these past 52 years, over 45% of its cadets enter the military with the rest going on to higher education, or directly into the work force.

I wanted to share this information so that you all have a better concept of what the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (a nation wide program - cosponsored by the Navy League of the US and the U.S. Navy/Coast Guard) and what our Council's support of this NSCC unit helps provide, and why its important that we continue to support it.

/s/ Ron Dutton, LCDR, NSCC

President Emeritus
Beverly Hills Council of the Navy League.


POSTED: 11 JUNE, 2014 

Image courtesy of Sea Power Magazine (May/June 2014 Edition, Page 26)  Click here to download the magazine:

POSTED: 17 MAY, 2014 

Photo by James Hinton

Gwen and James Hinton present a sword at the Stripe and Star Ball is the Bruin Battalion's annual event to another Midshipman, on May 2, 2014. For more photographs, click here

RE-POSTED: 17 MAY, 2014    

Photo by Michael Poles Photography

Our PAST Council President, Ronald Dutton passes the gavel to our NEW President, Sherre Lovick
on April 12, 2014


The USS PENNSYLVANIA SSBN-735 is a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine 
that has been in commission since 1989


An historical  look back into the development of the Aircraft Carrier to the modern supercarrier 

POSTED: 27 April 2011


Council President, Ron Dutton, presented AN Ross W. Phillips, USCG, with a Letter and Certificate of Commendation from the Council in recognition of Phillips' being selected to receive the YN1 Edna Rene Russell Memorial Award for Excellence at a presentation ceremony held last March 31 at the Coast Guard's Air Station Los Angeles at LAX 

POSTED: 25 April 2011


Last February Beverly Hills Council President, Ron Dutton, presented the Sailor of the Half (July-Dec 2010) Award to SN Chad Phillips, a crewman on the USCGC HALIBUT at the cutter's Marina Del Rey Station.  Mr. Dutton is pictured with SN Phillips (right) and the HALIBUT Captain, LT. Chuck Paris (left).

The Beverly Hills Council has been the sponsor of the Coast Guard's MDR Station and the two cutters stationed there, the HALIBUT, and its predecessor, the PT. BRIDGE for over 30 years.

POSTED: 16 January 2011

Beverly Hills Navy League,

On behalf of the officer’s and crew of the USS HAMPTON, it is an honor and pleasure to have the Beverly Hills Navy League as our ship’s sponsor.  While we are currently underway, conducting operations vital to our nation’s security, it’s important to keep in mind the reasons why we are away from our families.  Your support and thoughts provide many of those reasons.  In appreciation for your support and to formally welcome you aboard, I have included an official welcome aboard package.

Submarines are multi-mission platforms.  Our stealth, combined with speed and endurance, makes us the perfect choice for many of the missions that support our national objectives.  From intelligence collection and surveillance to Tomahawk strike, the crew is expertly trained, and great at what they do.  Wherever the threat is located, that’s where we will be!

I am very much looking forward to building a strong and enduring relationship with the League as well as meeting with you upon our return to homeport.  Again, welcome aboard and thank you for your support.   



Commander, U.S. Navy

POSTED:  5 December 2010

Hi Everyone:

This will indeed be a very Merry Christmas and an especially Happy New Year for the members of the Beverly Hills Council because as of this Sunday morning the Beverly Hills Council officially adopted the submarine, USS HAMPTON, a Los Angeles Class fast attack submarine, based in San Diego.  

The Council's Board of Directors formally voted to adopt the HAMPTON at yesterday's meeting, and contact was made with the boat's captain, CDR. David A. Lott, USN, this morning who was very pleased and approved, as up to this point, the HAMPTON, having only recently been reassigned from Norfolk, VA. to San Diego did not have a sponsor.

We will be supporting the HAMPTON'S crew and working with their families in the areas of Sailor's of the Quarter and Year, plus contributing to their Family Readiness Group, which consists of the crew's wives, etc. who put things and events together to support their husbands / boyfriends on the ship.

In return, we will be able to have tours of the boat, and some underway day cruises, and have a real opportunity to mix and get to know the officers and crew.. which number in the area of 150 aboard, learn more about the submarines and its mission, the work and needs of the crewmen, and once again, give meaningful support of the men and women in the Navy.

Obviously, more information will be forthcoming, but, for those of you who'd like to check out "our" submarine, go to Google Search and type in US Navy submarine USS HAMPTON. There's considerable info, history, and photos listed.

....... And, once again, I want to wish you all a safe and wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season.

Ron Dutton

USS Hampton (SSN 767)



USS Hampton (SSN 767) Holds Change of Command
By Submarine Squadron 11 Public Affairs

Release Date: 7/16/2010

- Cmdr. David A. Lott relieved Cmdr. William J. Houston as Commanding Officer of Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Hampton (SSN 767) during a pier side change of command ceremony on Naval Base Point Loma, July 15. 

Under Houston’s command, Hampton steamed more than 80,000 miles in support of the Chief of Naval Operations’ Maritime Strategy and successfully completed a six-month Western Pacific deployment. Following deployment, Hampton completed a six month Chief of Naval Operations, Selected Restricted Availability two weeks ahead of schedule and more than five million dollars under budget. Hampton was the Commander. Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet, 2009 Arleigh Burke Award nominee, for the most improved warship in the fleet.

Capt. Brett Genoble, Commander, Submarine Squadron 11, was the guest speaker and gave praise to Cmdr. Houston’s tour while voiced his confidence in Cmdr. Lott’s ability to command.

Cmdr. Lott said he was excited about the opportunity to lead Hampton.

“I look forward to standing should-to-shoulder with you in strength and honor to lead you in meeting every mission Hampton may be tasked with, always ready and all in, all the time,” said Cmdr. Lott.

CDR David Lott, a Natchez, MS., native, graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering.  His previous assignments include USS JACKSONVILLE (SSN 699), USS TENNESSEE (SSBN 734) (Blue), and USS ALASKA (SSBN 732) (Blue).  He holds a master’s degree in Engineering Management from North Carolina State University.

Houston, a native of Buffalo, New York will next serve as Senior Deputy, Submarine Squadron TWENTY in Kings Bay, Georgia.


  December 2009  

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